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This page will contain many of the letters that we have received back from our customers and links to magazine articles written about our grips.

We have been written up in American handgunner, Guns and Ammo Magazine, American Rifleman and others.

Some of our past customers include World Champion IPSC champion Mickey Fowler and Camp Perrry winner, Jerrry Chaney

We have customers from China, Finland, Norway, Belize, Canada and other foriegn countries.

Customer's last names will not be provided for privacy reasons. Only first name, last name initial and location,


Mike Grxxx.
 ps. The two sets you built for me (S&W M41 and High Standard) have improved my shooting significantly. My average has climbed from the high 250's to the high 270's, with an occasional 280+ and 290 score thrown in. Your grips have made me much more consistent.

I competed in a tournament last night with the grips that you provided
and I am very pleased with the workmanship and professional customer
service that you provided. I will highly recommend to the 200+ members I
compete with my complete satisfaction. I felt compelled to personally
thank you and look forward to doing business with you in the future. By
the way, I typically average a 261, I shot a 276 last night with your
grips. A personal all time high at a tournament. I didn't even practice
with them. (see attached)
Jonathan L.

Didn't have any cases scheduled at the hospital yesterday so I took the day
off and went to the range. Imagine my delight after returning home and
finding my new pistol grips in the mail. Installed them and of course I just
had to go right back out and try them out. Dare I write my shooting
improved? My groups were tighter and more accurate. What can I say - they're
comfortable they fit my hand quite well. A good investment.
A satisfied customer - Becky

Randall, Just got the grips today, and I must say they are indeed superb!  The pistol has an entirely different--more comfortable--feel than before.
I'll take some time to practice with them.  I have a competition on the 24th, and I'll drop you a line to let you know how I did with these grips.  I don't know if I mentioned it before, but my CF and .45 scores have been what is keeping me out of Master class.  We'll see.....

Randall & Listers;
The grip you made for my wadgun arrived a couple of weeks ago. It's a beautiful piece of walnut and a beautiful piece of work. I hadn't written before now, because I wanted to shoot with it first. This is my first experience with anything but slab grips on a 1911. The fitted grip works well on my gun, perhaps more so than for most, as I have a heavy Burris/Gil Hebard scope atop a frame mount. The Fung grip feels as though it adds bearing area for the hand, and so helps support the weight more efficiently.
I won't know for awhile what effect the grip will have on my scores. But it must feel comfortable to me, because time and again (like almost every time) when the slide locks back, I reach under the grip for a European style slide release, like on my Hammerli 208s. So I guess my subconscious likes the stocks already.
So thanks, Randall, for your superior work. And I thank the Bullseye List for a great picnic, and an even greater raffle. I won Mr. Fung's contribution of a custom grip at Camp Perry 2004 during our annual gathering at the National Matches.
Good shooting,
Jack F, Rhode Island

Hello Randall....
I received the target grips yesterday. They look great! I am very
pleased with the quality workmanship. Your professional attitude and
concern for customer satisfaction was very much appreciated. I certainly
will not hesitate to recommend your services to my fellow shooters. Thank
you again.

Jack B

Mickey Fowler sent me this photo after receiving some grips I made for him for the 1997 Masters tournament
In 2006 our grips were featured in a very slick Japanese gun magazine . Toshi wrote the article and took tha amazing photos. Many of the photos on this site are by him.