Q.If I send my hand print, are they custom fitted?

A. Usually the gripmaker uses the handprint as a basis for the size, but as two shooters with similar handprints might have very different grip positions and needs, it is very difficult to classify them as custom fitted unless the customer is standing in front of the grinder as they are being made.

Q.Will Anatomical grips really improve my shooting? If so, why do I see many master class shooters winning matches with plain panel type grips?

A. Many master class shooters have a very tight consistent hold, so they don't have problems with pistol movement in the hands during recoil, etc. But if your shot errors are due to an inconsistent hold, then more supportive grips might be the answer. This is even more true if you are using a gun with a long barrel, scope, dot sight or higher caliber.

Q. What is the difference between I.S.S.F. and N.R.A type grips.

A. N.R.A. type grips are designed to conform to the rules of Conventional three gun shooting. They are generally more supportive, have a good thumbrest and the palmrest (heelrest) can be flared. Since there are less restrictions to size, the N.R.A grips have more adjustability.

I.S.S.F type grips conform to the rules for International shooting, specifically, Standard pistol and International Center Fire matches. The gun and the grips must fit into a box with the inside measurements of 300mmx 150mmx50mm. That's roughly 1.9" wide, 5.9" high, and 11.8" long. You must consider that many American made target pistols were not designed with International shooting in mind, so that fitting the gun into the required box size with anatomical grips can be quite challenging. Most European target guns are designed with anatomical grips in mind. The grips are higher to the bore axis and many guns do not have the magazine in the grip frame area. Most grips that come on European match pistols already conform to International shooting rules. I.S.S.F. grips are eligible for N.R.A. conventional shooting, but not the other way around.

ISSF grips on a Browning buckmark. Grips and the gun must fit into a specific size box. This might not be possible for orders with large hands. American guns were not origianally designed for ISSF rules. The thumbrest and palm rest are very narrow, as there is 2" maximum width as well.