about us.......?

Our company has been in the business of manufacturing European style match grips since 1989. We have been on the internet since 1997. Our shop is located in the rural mountains of Northern California, and our business is mainly mail order.

There are quite a number of knowledgable competitors using our match grips nationally, and if you look along the firing lines at most major competitions, you'll probably recognize these grips being used.
My father, William Fung, was a competitive shooter in the 1950's winning many medals along the way. His shooting partner was the well known pistol champion and gunsmith, Bob Chow. They would go off shooting on the weekends and our families would go on many outings together. It was that influence that sparked my interest in shooting later in the 1980's.
As a competitive shooter I became very aware of the need for good supportive grips. Most European match pistols come equipped with anatomical grips, so I searched for some to use on my American target guns. Since I didn't find any quite to my liking, I decided to make some custom stocks. I patterned them after the match grips on Hammerli's, Walthers, etc. At pistol competitions shooters would often order grips to be made up, and that's when I decided that there was a need for good anatomical match grips for the American made pistols. Now, top shooters around the country are using these grips and spreading the news to their friends. We realize the importance of this word of mouth, so your satisfaction is this company's goal.

A photocopy or outline of your handprint is the basis for sizing. Two customers with the same size handprint might have different needs or desires, so it is impossible to provide a "custom fitted" pair of grips from a two dimensional handprint; But these will really feel like they were custom made for you. Most of our customers use them "right out of the box" without any alterations. The finish and fit are so nice on these grips that we've had shooters afraid to use them on their guns, but the hard Tru-Oil finish still looks like new on my ten year old pair. They are machine produced in the early stages, and then finally, shaped and finished by careful handcrafting. This makes it easier to provide some slight modifications for the customer while in the production stages. The grips can be easily modified by anyone who is even slightly handy. All finshes and hardware are easily available from most hardware stores. An instruction sheet can be provided if you need. The required allen wrench is provided for the palmrest adjustments. We suggest practising with the new grips before using them in your next competition so that you will feel comfortable with them. But some customers have sent us letters stating that their highest personal scores had just been shot with the very first try.

Photo by Toshi for the magazine article